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Calgary's  Recording  Studio
Celebrating 34 years in business

Airwaves Recording Studios Ltd. is Calgary’s longest running recording studio, still under the same management. In 2024, we will be celebrating 34 years in business. Danny Patton, the owner and chief engineer, has also played in some of Calgary’s most prominent bands, such as the Unusuals and Beautiful Joe.

Danny has numerous gold records and Junos to his credit. He has worked with artists  across the board. Jann Arden, Rage Against The Machine, Tegan and Sara, Ian Tyson and The Roadhammers to name a few. Danny also engineers, mixes and produces albums for many of Calgary’s hottest acts.

If you have an upcoming project, contact Danny and come and visit the studio.​

Contact us about your next project

Studio  GEAR  LISt

Digital Recording
Digidesign Pro Tools HD Accel 3
Pro Tools HD Mac Pro 32 Bit

3x2 Terabyte Drives
Apogee Symphony I/O 16x16

Software & Plugins
Pro Tools 10
UAD/2 Card
Massey Plugins Bundle
EMI TGR1413 Limiter
Sony Oxford EQ
Massenburg Works EQ
Celemony Melodyne
Focuswrite D2-D3
UAD Audio LA-2A, 1176...
- All UAD plugins available
Drawmer Dynamics
Eventide Harmonizer
Superior Drummer Software
- Drum Replacement Software

Digidesign Control 24
Mackie 1604VLZ (16 In 8 Out)


2 Tube-Tech CL1-B Tube Compressors

2 UA 1176 Compressors

2 UA LA-4A Compressors - Modified by Jim Williams @ Audio UpgradesADL 1000 Tube CompressorDrawmer 1960 Stereo Tube CompressorSSL XLogic G series Compressor

2 Empirical Lab Distressors

Microphones & DI's

1 U472 Telefunken C12(2) Soundelux UI95Royer 121AT 40302 AKG C535, 2 AKG 

C460 Modified by Jim Williams 

@ Audio Upgrades

1 AKG C1000
2 AKG D112
3 Sennheiser 421
Shure SM-7 
2xSM-57 SM-58 Beta-57
ADL StereoTube DI

2 Royer 122v Tube Ribbons

2 Neumann CMV 563/M9 capsules

Trident HG/3’s
(5) Genelec 1030A
Yamaha NS-10M
Auratone Cubes


PreAmps & EQ's
6 Neve 1073
2 Neve 1084
Neve 31114 Mic Pre-Amps & EQ's
6 API 312 Mic Preamps™
4 API 550B EQ’s
ART Stereo Tube Mic Pre-Amps

Trident HG/3’s
(5) Genelec 1030A
Yamaha NS-10M
Auratone Cubes


PreAmps & EQ's
6 Neve 1073
2 Neve 1084
Neve 31114 Mic Pre-Amps & EQ's
6 API 312 Mic Preamps™

4 API 550B EQ’s

ART Stereo Tube Mic Pre-Amps

Instruments & Amplifiers

Guitars and Basses
Hofner 64’ Beatle Bass
Fender Stratoscaster
Fender 62 Precision-Bass
Rickenbacker 73 (4001) Bass
Fender Jazz Bass w/Custum Shop PU
Epiphone Les Paul w/Burstbucker PU
Martin D-18 Acoustic
Hohner 12-String Acoustic
Vox Tonelab SE Pedal Board

Fender Bandmaster Amp
Ampeg  BA/112 Bass Amp
Cornford Harlequin MK1 Amp
David Eden World Tour 800 Amp
Kustom 150 Amp
Vox Night Train Amp SE

Hammond Organ & Leslie
Yamaha P-300 Digital Piano
Wurlizter 200A Electic Piano
Lyon Healy Grand Piano
Axiom 49 Keyboard Controller

Headphone and Monitor Amps
Yamaha P2100
Bryston 3 & 4B

Tape Machines
Sony DAT
Tascam Cassette
HB CD Burner


Jann Arden
Billy Cowsill

Rage Against The Machine


Tegan and Sara

Maria Muldair

Martin Simpson
Ron Burke
Ian Krochac
Jacquie Drew
Dave McCann
Mike Clark
Dave Reader
Anne Loree
Ian MacDo

Amos Garrett

Johnny V

Doug Riley

Pat Belliveau

Theron Fleury

Willy Joosen

John Ferraro

Jane Hawley
Karl Roth
Auntie Kate
Fair Haven
Jackie Drew
Mae Moore
National Dust
Interstellar Rootcellar
Steve Pineo
Straw Dogs
Gib Monks
Fair Haven

Tom Philips
Jeff Irwin
Mike Clark

Sheldon Zandeboer

Ashley McIssac

Ron Casat

Gary Craig

Oscar Lopez

Kalan Porter
Barbara Blakey
Paul Wainright
Rivers to Rails
Holy Name Choir
Shari-D Wilson
Ashley McIssac
Darwin Daze
Kaitee Dal Pra
Desert Boots
Johnny Moore
Chris Gheran
Ian McDonald
Mississippi Steamboat

John Thiel

Joey McIntyre

Mike Emerson

Jeremy Coates

Earl Mc Cauley

Rob Oswin
Rembetika Hipsters
The Dino Martinis
Frank McKay
Joe Patton
Anita Athavale

Russ Broom

John Lefebvre

Beautiful Joe

Early On Sunday

Shoot out the Lights

DC & The Generators

Neil McGonigall

Shaye Zadravec

Kelly Cruze

Chris Byrne

Kate Trajan

Sydney Zadrevec

Chris Bullen

Gaye Delorme

Tim Willams

"Over the years, many have sought out Airwaves and Patton’s Juno-winning skills...some of whom have gone on to great things, including Jann Arden, The Road Hammers and Tegan and Sara." 


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